The process

Contact us and one of our friendly team will respond within 24 hours to assess your situation and discuss the value of your property.

Following the call, we will research your property in more detail and send you a written offer subject to valuation.

When you accept our offer, our consultant will arrange for a surveyor to visit your property and on receipt of the valuation report, we will confirm the offer to you. This can be done within a few days of you accepting our offer.

So long as the property has not been marketed to the public, there is no legal requirement for a HIPS pack, which avoids additional expense.

Solicitors will be instructed immediately after you accept our offer and we will exchange and complete within the time frame that suits you. We can provide a solicitor to act for you at our cost if you require.

On completion, your monies are in your account and you can get on with your life again.